There’s so much writing about superhero and other comics-based film and TV these days , I’ll just collect most of it here and update as and when there’s something new. Which there always is.

Avengers: Secret Wars primer

Thunderbolts primer

Ms Marvel primer

Moon Knight primer

The Joker: A Complete History

The Punisher: A Complete History

The Actors Who’ve Played Batman

The Actors Who’ve Played Superman

Birds of Prey primer

Eternals primer

Black Widow primer

Wonder Woman 1984 primer

Ghost in the Shell: A Crash Course

A Wake for Hellblazer

No One Stays Dead in Comics

Unfilmed DC Comics

Hellraiser Comics Revisited

Movie Prequel Comics

Batman V Superman: Dawn of Justice primer

X-Men: Apocalypse primer – and also Who is Apocalypse?


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