This was my third year at Night Visions in Helsinki, and as usual I came back with a lot of work to do. Pictured is the deadpan Finnish crime comedy Ruotsalainen Hetki, which I enjoyed. You can read about that and much else if you trawl the following.

Empire blogs:

The Nordic Genre Invasion (including Ruotsalainen Hetki) –

The festival’s Spanish films: Rec 4, In Darkness We Fall and Hooked Up

Interview with Marcos Ortiz, the producer and star of In Darkness We Fall

Interview with Pablo Larcuen, the director of Hooked Up

The documentaries: The Go-Go Boys, The Otherworld (L’Autre Monde) and Future Shock!

The Harvest, Let Us Prey and Nuntius

Interview with director Timo Vuorensola and exclusive trailer reveal for Iron Sky: The Coming Race

General round-up feature for Fangoria:


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