Slater Gooding Sacrifice

A commissioned piece – so not my idea – this one’s about formerly higher-profile actors who are now plugging away in straight-to-DVD action films. Christian Slater, Cuba Gooding Jr., Stephen Dorff and Val Kilmer head up the list. John Cusack’s on it too, but he is, admittedly, a stretch.


2 responses to “Straight To Video”

  1. Sara Bartlett Avatar

    I read your article about films that have not had a DVD release and the reasons for that. Is there a person we could contact to request that a particular film be put on DVD? I’ve been looking for a DVD of Only When I laugh and have hit a brick wall.

  2. Owen Williams Avatar

    The Neil Simon film? Interesting – I’d have included that in the feature if I’d stumbled across it. You’re right – doesn’t look like it’s ever been available on DVD. You’d have to contact Sony/Columbia, but I doubt it’d get you anywhere. It IS available on iTunes though – if you don’t mind not having a physical copy. £3.50 to rent and £10 to buy.

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