Danielle Harris Hatchet III

A couple of blogs from the 2013 Film4 FrightFest in London. Empire don’t do much with FrightFest (Total Film are among the sponsors, so it’s their gig), hence this is not a weekend-long blitz of every possible film. But these are my thoughts on The Dead 2: India, Dementamania, Sadik 2, Hatchet III, Haunter, Missionary, In Fear, Dark Tourist, Dark Touch and Banshee Chapter. I also conducted some interviews for Fangoria which I’ll post in the future as and when they get used.



I also wrote longer reviews for Fangoria of The Dead 2 and The Borderlands (which I missed at the actual festival but saw on a screener shortly afterwards):



More to come on The Borderlands, which is great…

And while we’re here, since I haven’t posted them before, here I am at FrightFest 2012:




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