July, 2012. Finally for The Dark Knight Rises, here’s a graphic using more of my Lindy Hemming interview, breaking down Bane into his constituent parts. Rather her than me.

Incidentally, when the DKR reviews all started coming out, I was very much enjoying compiling all the similes people were concocting to describe Bane’s voice. Some of my favourites were:

– Sean Connery doing an impersonation of Yoda through an electro-larynx.
– Marlon Brando, down a well-shaft, gargling from a jerry-can.
– Sir Ian McKellen gargling meths in a wind tunnel.
– Darth Vader shouting while playing a bass accordion through a Harley Davidson exhaust pipe.
– Bagpuss’ Professor Yaffle with a twenty-a-day habit and a megaphone.

Not that most movie reviews are predictable or formulaic or anything…


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